Mothers are gift to humanity: the joy of motherhood.

Cherish your mum!
Mothers are God’s sent to humanity.

I could remember when my mom would be like ” don’t worry you’ll also give birth and know how it feels like training your own child, I did what I did because I love you and would in anyway correct you if you go wrong.
To be a mother is really not easy, seeing my mum take care of us right from when we were little to this present day is amazing. To me, being a mother is the greatest job in the world.
On a day to day level, being a mother is to be tired, sometimes grumpy and never left alone, and then in one funny, loving moment with your kids realising it’s worth it.
A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, no boundary.
It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stand in its way.
  Show love to your mum, in anyway you can. It shouldn’t be only on her birthday, it shouldn’t be when she’s down or something.
  Showing love could be a small present, it could be a surprise birthday song/party, it could be telling her how much you love her, it could be telling her how much your advice had helped you in life, it could be doing her hard work, it could be calling her in the middle of day and so on. Just think of a way to show her that, she’s always in your mind. I love my mother and I’m proud of her though she’s not perfect. We quarrel and ague sometimes, but at the end of it I do go back to her.

Don’t forget to pray for your mother.

Published by Cynthia Samson Balasa

I am Cynthia Samson a Godly, simple and easy going person. Ambitious, loves impacting lives, sharing knowledge and learning.

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