The naked truth about godly relationships.

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I was just surfing the internet and saw a post that really caught my attention, “A Godly Relationship” Wow! I know many of us would be thinking, is a godly relationship not when partners pray, fast, study the word together n abstain from sexual activities?

Well there’s more to that actually…A godly relationship is different from other kinds of relationship and the real difference is not the absence of sexual activities, but the present of the Holy Spirit and of course, when the Holy Spirit is involved you won’t dare engage in sexual activities.
I’m amazed at how people who claim to be in a godly relationship struggle to love each other sincerely.

You’ll see folks in a godly relationship keeping grudges with each other for weeks, some even months.
Well, the truth is every human is too weak to love on their own. In a godly relationship, you don’t struggle to love because you have access to the Holy Spirit who teaches how to love.
The Holy Spirit helps us in our infirmities, our flesh is too weak to love. Depending on it alone would fail you. The spirit helps you to love each other sincerely, patiently, faithfully and even teaches you how to forgive.
I used to wonder how do married couple stay together? You know, like the waking up every morning to seeing one face everyday of your life.
Other kinds of relationship may struggle with love but it’s shameful for godly relationships to struggle with love. To be sure you’re in a godly relationship have you totally submitted yourself under the leadership of the Holy Spirit? Has your partner totally submitted him/herself to the Lordship of the Holy Spirit ?

The Holy Spirit is willing to be present in a relationship where he feels the presence of the two people who have submitted to him. He’s automatically the third person in a godly relationship.

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I am Cynthia Samson a Godly, simple and easy going person. Ambitious, loves impacting lives, sharing knowledge and learning.

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