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The Sixth Love Language: Self improvement (Part one)

I know y’all would be wondering well I thought I’d share it here. 
So I made a research and found out that there are actually five different love languages. According to Chapman the five ways to express and  experience love are:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Giving gifts
  • Acts of service
  • Physical touch

I know you must have heard or read something of that nature, but what I’m gonna explain here is quite different.
According to Chapman, taking the time to learn and really understand your partners primary love language which is often different from your own can improve communication and strengthen your bond.
  Before going into the sixth love language, what is a love language? This is actually all about knowing what it takes for a person to feel loved.
Sometimes in a love relationship, it’s not always about doing something directly for your partner like giving them stuff or saying sweet things to them. Other times what makes your partner loves you more could be what you do to yourself to make you a better.
      Self improvement is one of my love languages because I know that the more you improve yourself as a person, working towards your dreams, your goals and every other thing that makes you a better person the more I will be able to love me better. Many persons are actually like that, stimulated by intelligence and hunger to grow.
Generally, one if the best things you can ever do for yourself and the one you love is to never stop growing as a person and in your relationship.

Relationship and marriage isn’t the end it’s only a means to an end.
If your mindset as a single lady /guy is just to marry and it ends there it’s bad. If you stop growing as a person you’ll come to a point in your relationship or marriage you become intellectually incompatible with your partner (that’s if growth is one of your partners love language) making you struggle to sustain conversations, communication becomes a serious problem and boring in the sense that it circles around just one topic romance and sex nothing deep, nothing valuable.

In a relationship you are ought to discuss the word of God, deep values, businesses, sports, current affairs, movies, family planning, career purpose etc.

You should be growing at least knowing (even if it’s a little about everything) that way you won’t feel lost during a conversation that matters to your partner. Just know something, add value to yourself so that your partner can find you interesting to engage in deep conversation with.



Published by Cynthia Samson Balasa

I am Cynthia Samson a Godly, simple and easy going person. Ambitious, loves impacting lives, sharing knowledge and learning.

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