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Focus On You: Your First Responsibility.

Wondering what this is all about? Well, this is just me expressing my self and I find this medium soothing. You wouldn’t wanna know how I got back since 2020. Lol, story for another day. I actually never wanted to write about this but then I asked for direction lo and behold this topic just dropped. I could vividly remember back then, as the only girl in my family I would want my brothers to always be with me in the kitchen helping with the dishes and running one or two errands for me. My mum will always tell me to try and do things myself and shouldn’t be dependent on my brothers because very soon they won’t be there to help anymore. That should be like 14-15 years ago, and true, what she said then came to pass you know, as being guys that they are, always out of the house with friends. Boys would always be boys for you. Why did I mention this? At some point in life you need to do things for yourself, standup for yourself, speak for yourself. Because obviously no one’s gonna do that for you. That taught me a very big lesson. FOCUS ON YOU! yeah focus on you. I initially wanted to write on ‘What They Didn’t Tell Us About Sex’ but then here we are. That would apparently be my next blog post.

There’s this quote I so much love it goes ” focus on yourself until the focus is you”. This implies you being intentional about your growth, what you wanna do in life, what you wanna achieve in life and wasting time on anything that doesn’t contribute to your growth is out of it. When you focus on yourself you get to know things about you, things like what works best for you in your business, your career, your spiritual life, your social life, your personal life and many more. By focusing on yourself you would hardly have the time to focus on someone else, monitoring his or her movement, whether he or she is progressing or not, whether he or she is making sales, billions or not. There are times when people would try to bring you down, and that is when you need to be strong and focus more on yourself rather than listening to what others are saying “The more you focus on yourself, the better you become,” Doe Zantamata aptly highlights the importance of focusing on yourself. People will always keep saying things about you, they will always talk, criticize you but what is more important is never pay heed to what people say because it is human tendency to keep saying things that don’t make any sense. Always keep your attention on your goals to rise above everyone else. God has planned better things for you in life. So, do not judge people and do not let others judge you. 

Focus on yourself.

   Comparison is another factor, you see most times we tend to compare ourselves with people who are ahead of us. Like what about me why am I still in this condition? look at Mrs A she’s married, gotten her degree, her children are doing well, her business is going smoothly and all manner of success you could think of…and then looking at yourself and your current situation you feel nothing’s happening, you’re discouraged, you conclude nothing good can happen to you. But that isn’t what it’s supposed to be actually, the only one you should compare yourself to is you. Your mission is to become better than you were yesterday. And you do that by focusing on developing yourself, focusing on what you can do, what makes you happy.
   Secondly, what works magic in focusing on yourself is getting to know what works best for you, take for instance as a business man or woman you need to know or develop strategies on how you could grow your business or take it to the next level. Everybody is different. What works for another person may not work for someone else. We all have our own unique struggles, and because of that, we all have our own unique solutions. Going into a business because Mr A is successful in it doesn’t guarantee your success. People make hidden sacrifices that you don’t see on the outside or have any idea about. Just like a pastor or rather a man of God would make the sacrifice of spending quality time, when I say quality time I mean enough time with God, spending time in God’s word and then they come to the pulpit to blast in tongues, heal the sick and bring down the glory of God. It didn’t just happen in a day or two. It really take so much time, determination and dedication for one to excel in his or her field.  Same as a business tycoon would do, the sleepless nights of balancing the debit and credit book, exporting and importing goods, risks of investing in a new business. Same also, as a student would go through sleepless nights of reading, attending lectures whether or not he or she feels like going just to come out the best.

Now talking about relationships, you need to focus on yourself by working on yourself to being that person you would what to see in someone else or someone you would want to meet. If you wanna meet a queen you have to be a king and vice versa. Work on that bad habit of yours, if you had been in a toxic relationship heal first before  moving to the next if need be.
Many people are led to believe that they have to date or be in a relationship. Dating can be a great experience, but the quality of your dating experience will be largely impacted by the type of people you’re dating. This is why focusing on yourself and putting in the work to be the best version of yourself will be an asset to you once you’re ready to begin dating.
In life, your first responsibility should be to yourself. If you’re not in a good place mentally and emotionally, you’re not going to be able to fulfill additional responsibilities that you may have. Focusing on yourself allows you to grow as an individual, pinpoint areas that need improvement, and make sure that you’re doing well.

Dating can be a nice experience but the quality of your dating experience will be largely impacted by the kind of person you’re dating.

Focusing on yourself and at the same time putting God in whatever you do. Growth mindset is good, but God’s mindset is better. Throughout scriptures, a common thread can be weaved, from Genesis to Revelation: There are no limits to what one can accomplish, whenever his or her goals are aligned with God’s plan. The person who fixes their eyes and heart on God’s omnipotence can indeed “do all things through him who strengthens them.” When one falls, he helps them get up and encourages them to try again. When their fears say they can’t, God reminds them they can. Indeed, people who understand God’s mindset know it too well: There is no mountain too high, or river too deep that we cannot cross, when God is on our side. A God-centered mindset breaks every mold and overcomes all limitations. It is that mindset that propelled fearful Moses to hold out his staff as God parted the sea, (Exodus 14:21) It was that same mindset that gave 100-year-old Abraham the strength to believe that God would make him fertile…one last time. This mindset is not inborn and cannot be explained by the most illustrious professor. It is called faith, and it turns the most broken lives into success stories, even at the dawn of their days.

In summary, the only good thing you can do for you is being intentional about your growth, being dedicated to improving yourself and getting to knowing or seeing the better version of yourself. On this note I wanna end by sharing this quote
“If you would be less concerned with someone else’s shine and focus on your grind, you would see the growth and progress that you desire in your own life”.
Germany Kent. Happy New Month from Miss Balasa💥💥

Published by Cynthia Samson Balasa

I am Cynthia Samson a Godly, simple and easy going person. Ambitious, loves impacting lives, sharing knowledge and learning.

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